Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mini Pancake Muffins

Well it's Saturday, and one thing I remember from when I was a child going to school is that Saturday meant a special delicious breakfast instead of just a rushed bowl of cereal or toast.  My dad kind of spoiled us when he was home, and he would make us french toast or pancakes or one of his famous "bologna and egg sandwiches" (they may not sound like a big deal, but growing up they were the best things ever!).  So trying to continue the tradition this morning I made these adorable "Mini Pancake Muffins" :

We buy our pancake mix from Costco, so I used a Costco Mix that is combined with a whole wheat pancake mix, since Brook doesn't like the whole wheat mix on its own....

Grease the Pan (I used Pam), Pour in prepared pancake mix (ours is the just add water kind), Then drop chocolate chips or blueberries or whatever your heart desires with your pancakes in the cup & bake @ 350° for 8-9mins or until golden brown.

Pop them out and drizzle with syrup, yum!


  1. WOW! Super easy! I'm going to make these when I have all my grandkids (17 of them) over in a few weeks!

    1. 17! Oh my goodness, you are so incredibly lucky! I can only hope that one day we'll be graced with one, must be a fun filled handful having them all, hope you have a GREAT visit and enjoy the pancakes!

  2. I tried it out on my husband and one of my grandsons. They both gave them a thumbs up! Now for the crowd! You have some great ideas. Keep them coming, I enjoy reading!