Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Paint

 So I'm sure most of you pinterest pinners have seen the "make your own chalkboard paint" pins, well I've known for awhile that I've wanted to use the leftover paint from painting Brook-Lynn's room to give it a try, just needed to purchase some grout and find a few minutes in my day, so today I did just that.

The instructions were simple, add 1 TBSP of unsanded grout to 1 Cup of paint and stir!  (I mixed 2 TBSP with 2 Cups just to be sure I would have enough.)

Then paint onto any surface you want to turn into "chalkboard", We chose to paint the back of Brook-Lynn's bedroom door.  The blog (SaltTree) from which the pin lead to and instructions I followed said for a neater appearance to use a roller--she used a brush, so really either would work, but we purchased a roller for this project.

We painted 3 coats on the door, it dried fast and worked GREAT!  Cleans up nicely with a chalk brush & a damp cloth or just the damp cloth...I've left just the chalk brush for Brook but using just it by itself some chalk is still slightly visible but I will just give it a wipedown every so often. Hmm now I just need some pink paint so I can make something for myself, haha


  1. where you buy the chalk board stuff from i want to do that in ella room :)

    1. You can buy unsanded grout from any hardware store (hardware stores also usually sell chalkboard paint, but its more costly) the grout container I bought cost 8$ and then you can mix it with any color paint you like, and since I have tons of grout left (only a tbsp per cup of paint is needed) lots for more projects :)