Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brook-Lynn's Room

Well most of my friends and family have heard about Brook-Lynn's Bedroom Makeover, but I have yet to post pictures as even now after a little bit of work here and there over the summer it still isn't quite complete, but after doing some work and some tidying/organizing today... I decided to finally take some pictures and share.

Her new bed, blankets to match the decor, and hand painted leopard spots around the window
Just need some curtains :)

Added the 2nd photo to show the true color of the pink & purple walls (Brook says the purple is Justin Bieber purple) was soo bright in there due to no curtains and it being a beautiful afternoon hard to get a true to color photo.

Book "Nook" with a upholstered cushion I made with the same material as my chair, hand painted zebra stripes. As well as hand painted leopard spots and zebra stripes on her drawers. Again sorry for the super bright photos.

Whole other side of room... I'd like to put a curtain across the rod that is at the top so she can hide some of her usually messy closet, haha.

Then of course there is her chalkboard door, hand painted leopard print light switch, and newly added "Art" corner, I'm going to buy some clipboards and hang them under the "art" word and hang some of her school art/projects there.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Great to meet you. I love what you dd in your daughters room design. My oldest loves purple ad zebra print :-)
    Have a wonderful week!


    1. Thanks,great to meet you as well! She chose the theme I just went to work, hoping (since this is the 3rd room we've painted for her in 5 years) that this one will last a little longer, haha