Thursday, September 27, 2012

Healthy Habits

With the month of October (and my 25th Birthday) fast approaching, I have made a pledge to myself, I will make healthier habits.  I'm going to give up fast food/restaurant food for the ENTIRE month of October.  It may seem like an easy task to most people, but neither of my parents have their drivers licenses so they rely heavily on me to get them out of the house and help them run their errands--which consequently adds to my already busy/hectic life and has me spending more time at coffee shops than I would like.

So for the month of October (and heck why wait that long, I'm starting today) I'm going to start making better choices to get me closer to my ultimate goal weight and make sure that the 1st month of being 25 years old is a step toward something positive.

I made my first step this morning, despite the cold air that quenched my lungs as I opened the front door to walk my daughter to the bus stop, I made sure to have my good runners on and after the bus left I took off in the opposite direction of home and jogged/walked a 5km.  It's the first outdoor 5km I've done in far too long and it felt great!  I arrived home with tons of energy to spare so popped my p90x ab ripper X dvd into the player and got it done. 

Like I've said in a previous post, once I get started working out, I turn into kind of a workout junkie.  I love to workout, I'm just terrible at pairing it with healthy eating, which is why it took me 2 years to lose 70lbs.  I still consider it an incredible accomplishment, but sometimes lose track of why I started in the first place and what my ultimate goal was--a healthier overall life.  So over the next month I'm going to be dedicating some of my blog posts to my new healthier habits.  One thing I'm going to need is some healthier go-to snacks and after workout eats.  So stay tuned and today I'll be posting some of my pinterest finds for those!

Happy Thursday everyone, have a great one :)

 The first step is always the hardest to take, but once you take it you'll never regret it :)


  1. Snacking definitely gets the best of me as well. I can drive past McDonalds/Wendys/Lees Chicken but I cannot stop eating after dinner. Which is why I have decided to move my workout to the evenings, hopefully it will deter me from the fridge!

    1. Going to bed earlier with our schedule change has helped, but I'm the worst for after dinner snacking, I can workout lots, and eat great all day, then at night I go overboard...but I agree jumping on the spin bike or doing some sort of exercise distracts me from "boredom hunger".