Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

With Halloween just a few days away, it's about time I post pictures of my Halloween decor!  I'm getting a nice little collection of stuff, and loving every minute of it.  I love to decorate, can you tell?!  So here ya have it:

First I'll start with my inside decor, which I'll have to admit I did slack a little on, I focused more on the outside/deck this year, but there is still time and as long as my daughter feels better this weekend we'll probably craft a few indoor decor items, but so far here we are:

Dollar Store Spiderweb w/ Spider

Dollar Store Ghosts Hanging From Ceiling Fan--
(First day I had these up I managed to scare myself with them...was walking down the hallway to come to my living room--only my daughter and myself were home, and I seen shadows so started to walk really slow to see whose shadows they were, then immediately felt silly when I realized the fan had been turned on)

Pumpkin lights in our front window, Dollar store bats & pumpkin window decals (both glow in the dark), and my daughters yet-to-be carved pumpkin

 My Pink Pumpkin For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Girlie, Sparkly Pink Pumpkin....I Kinda Like Pink...Can You Tell?

Now For The Outside:

HUGE Bat on My Front Deck

 Inflatable Ghost (We've Named Boo)

My 2x4 Creation (Pumpkin, Frankenstein, Ghost, Witch), Window Decals, Danger Tape, and a Pink Happy Halloween Sign

My pink and black boo sign, I know I know more pink decor.. Haha only I could find a way to add pink to every holiday.  I was going to put this inside, but felt it fit the space between the window/door outside better.  It's hard to tell but theres a plastic spider on the middle O.

Halloween bunting and my orange feather Halloween wreath, definitely my favorite craft of the season, going to make a pink one with lights just like it for Christmas ♥  Was going to get small orange lights to put in this one but they sold out :(  Maybe next year!

Pumpkin table with pumpkin candle holder on opposite side of the door.

The final result of the front porch :)


  1. Everything looks great for Halloween! I really like how you did the pumpkins for breast cancer also. Hope you have a wonderful week!


    1. Aww thanks so much, thats very sweet of you, hope you got to enjoy your Halloween, I see you had some nice sized pumpkins and creative carvings in your household, and one of your visitors was a Rockstar, thats what my daughter was this year :)