Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Crafts Part 1:

I'll start off by posting a couple of pictures of the decor around my home that I made (sorry for those of you that I have on facebook that follow me, as you've likely already seen the pictures of my decor).  Then my daughter and I have been trying(and when I say trying, I meant trying, haha it's hard to always make time, but when we do, it's worth it) to keep up with doing a craft-a-day till Christmas so part 2 will be photos of those crafts.

My Front Door

The Snowflake/Tulle Wreath I Made

Wreath I Made & Decorated Dollar Store Garland on My China Cabinet

My 2x4 Snowman

Pink Ornament Wreath I Made:

Light Up Canvas

Sign and Snowladies With My Salt n Pepper Claus' On My Stove

Pinterest Inspired Bathroom Idea

Bow and Greenery in My Bathroom

Pinterest Inspired Ribbon Around Cabinet w/ Glittery Clothespins for Holding Cards/Photos

Yet Another Pinterest Inspired Craft: Snowman Goodie Tray

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